It’s the same-old, same-old. You tell yourself you are going to lose those pesky 20 pounds. You do this at the beginning of the year. Let’s call it your “new years resolution.” What happens? A few days in you start eating cookies at your desk. You have promised yourself you would go out for a walk during lunch, but you stay behind your desk because of work. You eat the cookies that are there, along with lots of other crap. That is what it is, crap. Then you think, “oh gosh the diet is over now.”

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Sound familiar. We all say this because it’s am easy out. Once we begin eating that crap again, it becomes a crutch for us. This way we can go back to our old ways of eating. I call it the “comfort zone.”

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can stick with your diet and do it successfully. You just need to have the will and motivation. You have claimed you had the motivation and will in the past. The question is, did you really? Probably not. It was probably just another lie you told yourself, just to feel better inside. It’s time to put a stop to this now.

1- Cut down on the ordering out. This happens a lot at work. It saves time and energy. At the end of day it only saves time. It reduces your energy though. Cut it down to maybe once a week. When you do order something, order a grilled chicken salad. Don’t order that big bowl of comforting pasta you like to eat. I have known people who have lost 20-30 pounds in two weeks, just by making this one adjustment.

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2- Cut down on the snacks, especially the salty kind. Thinks like chips, soda and cookies will pile on the pounds after a while. It will happen if you are consistent about it. Don’t buy them the next time you go shopping. If you do have a craving, force yourself to walk to the store to get it. Your cravings will slowly be reduced. The pounds will also start to wash away.

3- Don’t ignore breakfast. Many of us do. Get into the habit of a 300-calorie breakfast, one which is heavy on the protein. Your routine of snaking throughout the day will be reduced. I have known some people who have lost 65 pounds in less then a year by adding breakfast to their diet.

4- When you are watching tv, focus on exercising. Do some jumping jacks. Do some crunches during the commercial breaks. This will keep your mind off the food. You will get your body into shape before you know it.

5- Some times you need a jump start. Skinny Pill will give you than energy burst you need to get off the couch, and helps keep the pounds off. This will promote a proper health schedule.


You can get in shape too. You just need to have the “want” and focus to do it. Once you get this focus in your mind, you will lose the weight successfully.